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  • Lifting wire rope
  • M5,M6,M6,M8 Screw
  • Fixing bracket
  • Electric connection cable
  • Axle pin
  • Locking ring
  • 2nd axle hole
  • Tare screw
  • Tare screw
  • Locking screw
  • Switch fixing screw (do not touch)
  • Identification sticker

Installation: Directly on the dead end wire rope
Loadlimiter: 1 or 2 integrated micro switches
2 or 4 contacts: 2 N.O. (normally open) | 2 N.C. (normally closed)
Trip point power: Max. 220 VAC.
Amperage of trip point: Max. 5 amps
Connections : 7 cores electrical cable
Length of connecting cable: 2 meter
Tare adjustment: Fine thread screw
Resolution: 1 kN
Temperature range: From -30°C to +80° C
Protection class: I.P 65
Material of load cell: Aluminium alloy
Finish: Red anodised
Maintenance: None required other than keeping it clean.